Jukebox amplifier repair

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Jukebox amplifier repair

Is there any way to disable the automatic volume control on my Wurlizer ? The volume runs up and down and is very annoying. Simply unplug this tube and the volume will remain steady. It is located in the center of the PC board.

jukebox amplifier repair

Make sure that you do not unplug the 12AX7 closest to the 6L6 tubes, just the one in the center. Leave it out to cure the trouble. I bought 4 new tubes from a mail order supplier for my AMI Continental 2. It now sounds worse than it did! I put the old tubes back in and the sound was much better. What's going on here? Recently I had an amp similar to yours come in for repair.

The customer had also bought 4 replacement tubes. Just for the heck of it I checked the tubes. They were NOT s.

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The company he bought them from had re-labeled a cheaper tube and sold them as genuine s. To use the cheaper tubes, a jumper wire must be installed on the tube socket between pins 1 and 8. The replacements do not have the same internal connections as the genuine ones. If you have the same problem, the jumper wire should fix your trouble. I have a Seeburg with a known good amp, I tried it in my Q In theone channel is dead.

All wiring from the tone arm to the speakers is good. Why do I have a dead channel? You have a stuck or dirty mute switch on the mech. There is a mute switch for each channel, and one of them is either not opening when the mech goes into the play mode, or is covered with dirt or oil. Clean and adjust the mute switches and your trouble will be cleared. Clean them with a burnishing tool only. I have a Seeburg KD. Is there anything to worry about?

Of course, anything electrical can potentially develop a short circuit and create a fire hazard. What I suspect they were talking about are the printed circuit boards used for the amp and selection system.

When the K and L models were designed and built, printed circuit boards were a new technology. They couldn't forsee what might happen 10 or 20 years later. The boards are porous, and will absorb moisture.

Also, they are very brittle and heat sensitive.Here at the jukebox shop we have been repairing, servicing, restoring and selling jukeboxes for the past 50 years and have experience with a wide range of manufacturers from all eras.

When considering your restoration we can offer advice and the highest possible quality of workmanship for all aspects of your jukebox including:.

Save yourself money in the long run and call us to discuss what a proper repair or restoration will cost you. Just call us on or use the contact us page to get in touch and we will advise you on your best course of action. If you do not want to go to the expense of having an engineer come to your house then we have extensive workshop facilities for all types of repair, whether it be mechanical, electrical electronic, audio or cabinet related.

You can bring the jukebox in using your own transport or we can arrange a collection service for you. If your jukebox has been accidentally damaged, we can work alongside your insurance company to ensure your claim goes smoothly and the necessary repairs are done. We can restore your jukebox to the same exacting standards as our own.

Seeburg Jukebox Restoration And Repair

Whether you have imported your own juke from the states or just think it is about time you resurrected that sleeping beauty you bought off the local cafe owner before he threw it in the skip, we can offer the advise you need.

From sympathetic restoration for a good original machine to complete grade one rebuilds, we offer these and everything in-between. The internals of your jukebox deserve the same treatment as the outside and we pride ourselves on making sure that your jukebox is as bright, shiny and clean when you look inside. Full repair and restoration service for all valve and transistor amplifiers. Why waste money making your jukebox look bright and shiny on the outside then forgetting the heart of the machine.

After all a jukebox really is only as good as it sounds and that sound relies on a good quality amplifier restoration. Amplifiers need to be professionally restored by an audio engineer.

Full cabinet rebuild and re-finishing service. We do not do a cheap cover up job but will strip, re-glue, and repair cabinetry as required, then refinish as necessary.Palmetto Jukebox will come to your house to service, maintain and repair your Jukebox.

We specialize in all types of Jukeboxes and can usually diagnose and fix the problem right the first time. If your jukebox needs service and it is under warranty by us, we will repair it for no charge provided it has remained within driving distance of our current location. If your jukebox is not warranted by Palmetto Jukebox, we can come to your location and perform the repair.

This fee will be higher for longer distances. Our goal is to keep our repair costs reasonable. We charge flat fees for most services but these fees vary depending on diagnosis. We do not charge for diagnosis. This saves our customers money since diagnosis typically takes longer than installation of a part. If you wish to purchase and install the part yourself, we can help diagnose the problem for a flat fee. We also attempt to service all of our circuit boards in house.

We also have the ability to rebuild amplifiers. We will recommend a complete rebuild if we determine one is needed. We provide a 6-month warranty on all rebuilt amplifiers. We can perform a complete rebuild on your jukebox.

We have experience that includes the know-how to restore original woodwork, metalwork and plastics. We can restore plastics and in some cases find replacements if needed. We have connections for powdercoating and rechroming parts. We have included restoration examples below. Check out our pictures below for some of the magic that can happen! Seeburg HFR retrofitted with modern amplifier and tone controls.

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This amplifier leverages the existing squelch and mute circuits from the mechanism to ensure seamless, noise-free operation. Additionally this jukebox was converted to stereo with a stereo tone arm from an earlier model jukebox.Seeburg Jukeboxes offered many firsts for the industry. You will need the Model number from that Metal ID tag, to choose a selection below. Contact Form. Seeburg B Jukebox Restoration and Repair. In December ofSeeburg introduced the first selection Jukebox the MA and took the industry by storm.

With other major Jukebox manufactures only offering 20 or 24 selections, the choice was easy, buy a Seeburg. Rock-ola and Wurlitzer Jukebox both continued production of their models throughgiving them time to work on new ideas.

Accepting 5, 10, or 25 cents. View our main Jukeboxes page to see everything included in both Full and Partial Restorations. Seeburg C Jukebox Restoration and Repair. After our Seeburg C Jukebox Restoration, it now has the correct wood cabinet finish, correct mechanism colors and all new chrome trim. Another Seeburg C Jukebox as it arrived for restoration. Seeburg also added side plastic covers to the record rack and hand cut mirrors beside them.

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They further enhanced the speaker grill area by adding 12 glass mirrored rods and rotating color cylinder side pilasters with motorized illuminated animation. The Seeburg MC Jukebox feature a Brown wood grain cabinet finish, Turquoise mechanism cover and base with a bright Yellow record rack. Email photos of your Seeburg C Jukebox to get a quote.

Seeburg G Jukebox Restoration and Repair.

bal ami junior jukebox amplifier repair

Often, a customer will begin a Jukebox restoration on their own, only to get overwhelmed with the amount of work it really takes to do the job correctly. We have had many projects arrive at our shop in pieces. After clearing out the disassembled parts, we got a better look at what we had to work with.

We simply cleaned the original Seeburg Jukebox cabinet finish and glass. Re-chromed all the castings, replaced the selector buttons, rebuilt all the electronics, mechanism, replaced all lighting and updated to the new, electronic ballast. This Jukebox Restoration consisted of cleaning the original gold foil around the base of the Seeburg Jukebox mechanism, and cleaning the Dark Orange colored mechanism base.


We then replaced the side mechanism mirrors with the correct triangle patternrestored the mechanism and covers, with the correct Sky Blue paint and decals.

September, Continuing the success of their selection 45 rpm mechanism, Seeburg introduces two new jukebox models. The side mechanism mirrors were cut in a triangle pattern. Seeburg R Jukebox Restoration and Repair.

The cabinet finish for the Seeburg R Jukebox, featured a light wood grain finish on the sides, with a dark Burled wood finish toward the front and continued under the speaker grill. The Seeburg J was the economy model foroffered to smaller locations or those with a lower budget. More specifically, the cabinet sides of the Seeburg JL were covered in a Bleached Mahogany plastic veneer.

The Seeburg JL was the economy model foroffered to smaller locations or those with a lower budget. Seeburg V Jukebox Restoration and Repair. You can see it was much more than just re-painting. There were many parts that required Brass plating, new glass and a new mechanism cover. The Seeburg V Jukebox Restoration on the keyboard and title strip area after shows new Brass inserts around the title strip catalog, new plastic catalog inserts, new instruction glass and a full set of new buttons with the correct colors.Latest Projects Education.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mbdmtrasdl Start date Sep 26, Search Forums New Posts. Thread Starter mbdmtrasdl Joined Oct 15, 2. Greetings I am in need of help repairing a jukebox amplifier--it is stereo Seeburg TSA-5 and the right channel has very low sound. I must have taken an extra stupid pill today because I just don't understand what is going on.

Scroll to continue with content. Kermit2 Joined Feb 5, 4, First suggestion would be to put Treble at max and scratch compensator at min to rule out any problems with those caps. It's really hard to track the negative voltage and current without the power supply section displayed.

Where is that extra current coming from? Kermit2 said:. This could be as simple as a dirty connector on the pickup cartridge. I think it's time to use the 'scope. Remember, this amplifier responds to millivolt level signals. You are going to have to Set up a test signal and measure the AC component on the base of Q and Q to see if they are equal.

Measure both sides of R to find the DC current flow in the base circuit of Q Same with R Remember, I might be barking at the wrong tree entirely, but you have to start somewhere. MrChips Joined Oct 2, 20, Time to stop pulling components and get out the oscilloscope. Fortunately, the stages are AC coupled and hence you should be able to find the problem quickly.

jukebox amplifier repair

Begin by supplying an input signal and jumper the Left and Right Channel inputs so that they both get the same input signal. Then trace the signal along the bad channel and compare it against the good channel.

Last edited: Sep 29, The Red Syber Sonic system was the first to features programmable Bass and Treble settings among other things via buttons located on the amplifier. This forces Rock-ola to drop the iPod docking option.

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You will need the Model number from that Metal ID tag, to choose a selection below. Princess Contact Form. Inside the Rock-ola Jukebox Restoration before, shows pretty solid, missing only some metal dust covers. We refinished the Rockola Jukebox cabinet in a factory looking, Faux wood grain finish.

A new improved amplifier. The Rock-olaand Jukeboxes feature a 20 play, 78rpm record mechanism that holds 20 records horizontally like a stack of pancakes. The Rock-ola 20 play record mechanism will play the top side of the record only. Each record is placed on a felt covered tray that is then placed into a numbered record ring on the mechanism stack. View our main Jukeboxes page to see everything included in both Full and Partial Restorations.

Email photos of your Rockola Jukebox to get a quote. Each Jukebox manufacture competing for more customer sales and trying to out do each other in the process. Rock-ola had just introduced the model Jukebox in With that problem solved, the next problem was the amount of selections. One to play the top of the record, and one to play the bottom.

This required a special turn table motor that could turn in two directions. The Rock-ola Jukebox featured a full view clear plastic mechanism dome and huge light up plastic pilasters on the outside of the grill area which did help to increase sales some. This mechanism was offered in the Rock-ola and Jukeboxes as an option. Having selections required a re-design of the title strip and selection area.

jukebox amplifier repair

Rock-ola used a three sided drum, each side of the drum holding 20 title strips. This all began to change for Rock-ola Jukebox in with a new cabinet design.Durfee Coin-Op Planet Parts! Seeburg Ed's.

jukebox amplifier repair

For technical help, check out these cool sites below He has quite a few original promotional photos and brochures also and an Engineer's Manual. Bill Butterfield. R oy Dean. Ray Lemieux. Larry Nickerson. Tony Miller's Homepage.

jukebox amplifier repair

Mike Zuccar o. The Jukebox Gallery. Seeburg Jukebox Information Club. G eorge Cernetig. D urfee Coin-Op. Rowland Ave. El Monte, CA Jukebox Friday Night A uthor of nationally published article "Sound Advice" Company was f ounded in P remier resource for jukebox amplifiers and receivers Tubes, speakers, transformers, capacitors, transistors, needles, and cartridges.

Bill Bick ers. Los Angeles Jukebox Company F amily owned for over 20 years J ukebox repairs, rentals, and installations S pecialize in the sale and installation of wall boxes aka remote selectors Service and install "Diner Style locations" New Rock-Ola jukeboxes. M ike Pearlman. Warren has been repairing all makes and models of jukeboxes for over 53 years.


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